Cioară 4/2014

Sociologie Românească (Romanian Sociology), Vol. XII, no. 4/2014, pp. 51-63.

SR 4 2014 copertaImplicaţii morale ale cercetării şi practicii sociologice. O pledoarie pentru etică

Moral Implications of Sociological Research and Practice. A Plea for Ethics

Ionel Cioară*


*Universitatea din Oradea, Departamentul de Sociologie şi Asistenţă Socială, Str. Universităţii nr. 1, Oradea. E-mail: Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea..


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Abstract: The paper was conceived as a pleading for the consideration of ethical issues and concerns posed by sociological professions. Starting from emphasizing the role and place of ethics in defining professions, the paper develops arguments in favor of supporting the importance of ethics in sociological practice and the need for institutionalization ethics in professional organizations in the area of social research. In this respect we have addressed and discussed the following topics: the role of ethical formalization (development of codes of ethics), the specific of ethical management, models of moral development of organizations. For illustrative purposes we present ethical aspects and issues that may arise in sociological research and practice. We consider that under current conditions, professional organizations can no longer ignore the ethical aspects involved in all actions and activities of their members and also cannot be limited to sharing the restrictive vision of moral legalism. This is because sociological practice involves an interaction with human subjects, and respecting dignity, treating them with respect and consideration is a superior priority task than any legislative provisions. On the other hand assuming values and moral principles and managing ethical issues by an organization contributes to promoting its positive public image, enhancing reputation, trust, and respect for beneficiaries and society.

Keywords: organizational development; management of ethics; ethics of social research; sociological deontology.

Cuvinte-cheie: dezvoltare organizaţională; management etic; etica cercetării sociale; deontologie sociologică.