Eniko 3/1999

Sociologie Românească (Romanian Sociology), X new series no. 3/1999, pp. 79-90.



SR 1999 3 coperta

De/re-țărănizare în România după 1989

De/re-peasantisation in Romania after 1989

Veress Eniko


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Abstract (Rezumat în limba engleză): The problem of de/re-peasantisation seems to be one of the latest topics in rural sociology all over Europe. The only difference is in the time-space this has lasted. As specialists consider, actually almost all of the European countries face a stabile process of de-peasantisation. Romania is one of the few Central and South-Eastern European countries, which is going through a process in the rural society on the opposite direction. As in the following article I will try to demonstrate, the destruction of rural structures is undergoing after 1989 a process, the rural society getting scarce help coming from the officials. One of the serious lacks in the strategy towards the world of the countryside is the deficiency of a proper legislative frame. One of the most widespread opinions among rural specialists that there is no strategy in revitalizing this structures although this social category is of a high significance in the Romania society in the transitional period. Still there would be possibilities that are shown in the article, which could help in reviving the world of the countryside, including of cause peasantry.