Lazu 3/2005

Sociologie Românească, Vol. III, no. 3/2005, pp. 109-113.



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Avort versus Zămislire; între decizia profană și planul divin

Abortion vs Conception: between profane decision and divine plan

Robert Lazu


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Abstract (Rezumat în limba engleză): The main point of this essay is the contradiction between the legality of abortion as a secular human right and the Christian ethics according to which abortion is a deadly sin. The highly praiseful comments on the documentary film Decrețeii: Nãscuți la comandă / The Decretzei: Children Born at Chief Command (directed by Florin Iepan and describing exclusively the baleful effects of Ceaușescu's decision to prohibit abortion) ignore precisely the religious dimension of life. Born himself with the first cohorts of decreței, the author detests the late horrible dictatorship, but at the same time he pleads for the dignity and joy to live. He argues that life is a gift from God, Who, besides (and over) the man and the woman involved as natural parents, participates with His grace in the coming into being of a newborn child.