Mihăilescu 1/1992

Sociologie Românească (Romanian Sociology), Vol. III, New Series, no. 1/1992, pp. 37-45.



SR 1992 1 coperta

Stereotipuri în România posttotalitaristă

Stereotypes in Post-totalitarian Romania

Ioan Mihăilescu


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Abstract: Over 40 years of communist regime market their influences on attitudes and mentalities, generating mental and actional stereotypes, possible obstacles in the foreseen changes. 
The more obvious stereotypes are. The critical economic and social situation of the country is mostly due to some hostile, deceiving forces, wishing Romania’s harm; great confidence in official informational sources; orally and not actional political engagement; reticence towards political activity; distorted and contradictory understanding of the political scene; state assurance of social equality; reticence towards market economy and radical social reform; state paternalism; reticence towards social institutions and special towards the new political institutions.