CfP NISPAcee Conference, Split, 2020

nispacee 2020The 28th NISPAcee Annual Conference will take place in Split, Croatia, May 14 - 16, 2020 is organized by the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPA) and the Faculty of Law. The Main Conference Theme is "Governance and citizens' rights in the era of Europeanization, globalization and digitalization".

Following the diverse and immense societal and political changes over the past years and decades throughout the NISPAcee region, the 2020 conference and its main session, set out to reflect on the problems of "Governance and citizens' rights in the era of Europeanisation, globalisation and digitalisation". Our intention is to attract research papers and develop discussions on innovative and adaptive structures and processes ensuring citizens’ rights and emerging in response to the governance and regulation challenges within the broader frameworks of Europeanisation, globalisation and digitalisation. The three processes – the EU and Europeanisation, the global trends shaping governance, and, in particular, the digital transformation – are about to change the way we see our societies, economies and polities – in particular our regulatory frameworks and policies, and public administrations. The common factors present in these processes, such as interconnectedness, networks, development, adaptation and innovation, may (or may not) constitute the fabric of a completely new social, political, and economic future. How these processes and factors affect the governance and the protection of citizens’ rights (or vice versa) today, are questions that will be addressed not only in our main session, but also in our working groups, panel and sessions, which are traditionally hosted, in respectable number, at NISPAcee’s annual conferences.

The NISPAcee annual conference is expected to bring together scholars and experts of public administration and public policy, political science, economics, law and sociology as well as those of other related disciplinary areas. We count on, not only academics – both experienced and early stage researchers – but also on professionals in the field. We invite all interested colleagues to discuss the key issues of contemporary administrative development, drawing on different theoretical and methodological perspectives. NISPAcee continues to provide a forum for discussion and learning for CEE participants (including all countries covered by NISPAcee’s membership, the Russian Federation, Caucasus and Central Asia), and also participants from all over the world who are able to contribute the understanding of our key conference topics.

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