Sandu 1-4/2001

Sociologie Românească (Romanian Sociology), XII new series no. 1-4/2001, pp. 153-171.



SR 2001 1-4 coperta

Cum ”ajungi”într-un sat sărac - drumul sociologic

How to get in a poor village - the sociological route

Dumitru Sandu


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Abstract (Rezumat în limba engleză): The paper is devoted to a comparative analysis of two scales for measuring poverty at village level. The discussion is focused on the grid for poverty measurement in the practice of Romanian Social Development Fund to target poverty alleviation. The analysis points out to the fact that, in the last three years the grid functioned effectively to identification of poor villages and implicitly to the implementation of poverty alleviation at community level. The kind of poverty targeted by the grid is particularly associated with distance items (village location versus commune center, versus nearest town, modernized roads, county chef-lieu etc). The study assess the grid from the point of view of measuring village poverty in different geographical areas. Comparing grid measurement of village poverty with another measure based on estimations of different types of capital (human, social, material, vital, cultural) results that the RSDF tool is has a rather poor ability to cope with difference in poverty associated with mountain-plain differences. The final part of the paper makes clear the relations among household poverty, rural community poverty and physical environment. The causal profile for different types of consumptions at the household level are showed to be significantly different and with consequences for development policies.