Niculae 1-4/2001

Sociologie Românească (Romanian Sociology), XII new series no. 1-4/2001, pp. 124-133.



SR 2001 1-4 coperta

Valorile militare-resurse ale procesului de integrare în N.A.T.O.

Military values - reources for the NATO integration process

Claudiu Niculae


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Abstract (Rezumat în limba engleză): The Euro-Atlantic integration represents Romania's main political and social goal. Should this step be a successful institutionalization or should it determine a reactualization of the traditional metaphor of "structures without content"? The study the author has proposed regarding the military personnel's standards, as a socio-professional group, which is directly involved into the integration process, offers us an optimistic answer to this question According to his analysis, "the military's system of values is mainly oriented toward transparency, modernity and change", being compatible with the armed forces reform project. This system of values will be an important resource to be used in the armed forces restructuring process and Romanian society as well. The author argues that the system of values of the Romanian military personnel will represent a valuable institutional asset, that have to be taken into account into the process of Romanian integration in the Euro-Atlantic structures.