Agabrian 3/2005

Sociologie Românească, Vol. III, no. 3/2005, pp. 61-72.



SR 3 2005 coperta

Creșterea implicării părinților în activitatea școlii și în educația copiilor: opțiuni, atitudini și opinii. Studiu de caz

Increasing parental involvement in school activity and children education: options, attitudes and opinions. Case study

Mircea Agabrian*


*Universitatea 1 Decembrie 1918, Alba Iulia.


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Abstract (Rezumat în limba engleză): The paper presents a case study, which was made in five different pre-university learning institutions in the county of Alba and it prefaced the implementation of the school-family-community partnerships programs, scientifically fundamented and adjusted to the specificity of each school. As the purpose and the objectives of the research aimed at finding out parents and teachers positions towards the change in the school-family relationship within the democratic society, in analyzing the collected data we used the cluster hierarchical analysis and the multidimensional scaling various interdependence analysis techniques which made it easier forms to identify the tendencies of the subjects options and attitudes. Thus, the investigation revealed the domains imposing a sustained activity of the Action Team for Partnerships set up in each school.