Bădescu 2/2005

Sociologie Românească, Vol. IV, no. 2/2005, pp. 5-10.



SR 2 2005 coperta

Școala Gusti: perenitatea unei paradigme

The Gusti Sociological School: The perenity of a paradigm

Ilie Bădescu


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Abstract (Rezumat în limba engleză): The Gusti School was usually perceived, in a simplifying manner, as a school of village monographs. The originality of the Gustian paradigm lies in its being the first school of sociology that has created a methodology of comparative-progressive research of social units, ranging from family up to village, super-village communities, national and international societies constituted into groups of nations such as the League of Nations, or as the ones attested by the Balkan ethno-sociology of Paul H. Stahl, wherefrom the passage towards that social unit called humanity can be made. The incontestable merit of the Gusti School is certified by the originality of the paradigm that it has created, as well as by the nobleness of the soul opened towards the anonymous world of peasants.