Mihăilescu 4/2006

Sociologie Românească, Vol. IV, no. 4/2006, pp. 5-13.



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Patologia instituțională a tranziției

Institutional Pathology of Transition

Ioan Mihăilescu


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Abstract (Rezumat în limba engleză): The article represents a sociological analysis of the transition period, focusing on the functioning of social institutions and their mutual relationships. An increase in social disfunctionalities justifies a diagnosis of generalized institutional pathology. Social institutions in Romania can be considered to a large extent responsible for deepening social conflicts and for the creation of several parallel Romanias, that seem to share little if at all. These institutional practices lead to the accumulation of a serious conflictual potential, which may impose high costs on the Romanian society. The arguments in favor of a process of institutional pathology are multi-dimensional, concerning issues such as: sterile disputes on the legitimacy of political groups, intense and chaotic legislative dynamics, lack of accuracy in defining objectives for various institutions, using some institutions for other aims than their defining ones, and erosion of public trust in social institutions that are blamed for widespread corruption.