Agabrian 3/2006

Sociologie Românească, Vol. IV, no. 3/2006, pp. 144-164.



SR 3 2006 coperta

Studenții netradiționali de la învățământul la distanță: percepții, reprezentări, comportamente

Distance Learning Atypical Students: Perceptions, Representations, Behaviors

Mircea Agabrian


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Abstract (Rezumat în limba engleză): The Distance Learning (DL) a new form of education for the Romanian universities has become in just a few years a feasible as well as attractive alternative for those who want to acquire a superior professional training. The establishing of departments for DL in many institutions of academic education has produced a genuine boom in the academic community if we only take into consideration the significant increase of the number of students and also the emergence of new means of transmitting the information and of formation of professional abilities. Inherently, there have arisen problems as well, such as that of ensuring the quality of the learning process, problem discussed from the very beginning. Beyond the fast and imperative adaptation of the teachers’ labour to the specificity of the DL, a matter of equal importance is the recognition of the beliefs, attitudes and behaviour of these non-traditional students. This constitutes the starting point as well as the objective of this research, and in order to achieve that we resorted to the methodology of the qualitative sociology, which enables the researcher to understand better the people within the social and cultural context which they inhabit.