Hoffman 1/1992

Sociologie Românească (Romanian Sociology), Vol. III, New Series, no. 1/1992, pp. 21-28.



SR 1992 1 coperta

Beția de cuvinte și tendințele actuale în România contemporană

The Drunkenness of Words and Trends in Contemporary Romania

Oscar Hoffman


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Abstract: Today in Romania that are many contrasts between social and political forces of different (even opposed) purposes and concerns which look either for a real transition (as a process of recovery an reinforcement of the democratic-modern capitalist society or a perestroika (a socialism „reform” which is practically unattainable)), or even a restoration.
Each movement has its own vocabulary and type of social discourse. This article aims at considering the language the power has coined and makes use of in miming the transition. There are lots of concepts serving at building a false problematique of throwing confusion upon the issues and even manipulate people (e.g. transition, market economy, reform, privatization, social cost etc.).