Vocabularies of community involvement in urban Romania


Adrian Hatos


Many researchers consider that involvement in collective action, as defined by rational choice theorists, can be hardly explained without some appeal to cultural or psychological factors. This article discusses the results of a qualitative inquiry into the narratives of three types of actors of small urban community, including leaders of community organizations, active participants in collective actions, and the by-standers. It finds systematic differences in the stories provided by representatives of the three groups whose members have significantly different perspectives in terms of self-description and motivation for action. Therefore, we argue that explanations of individuals' availability for collective action based on social psychology and culturalist narratives should be taken into consideration.


Author Biography

Adrian Hatos, University of Oradea

Address: 1 Universității Street, Oradea, 410087, Bihor County, Romania.

Email: adrian@hatos.ro

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Hatos, A. (2010). Vocabularies of community involvement in urban Romania. Sociologie Românească, 8(2), 78-90. Retrieved from https://arsociologie.ro/revistasociologieromaneasca/sr/article/view/2010_2_hatos