Semnal editorial: Calitatea Vieții nr. 2/2022

2022 2 cv cover genericSemnalăm publicarea online a nr. 2/2022 al Revistei Calitatea Vieții. Din cuprins:

Intersections of Precariousness. Vulnerability and Quality of Life of Migrants With Irregular Status
Ana López-Sala, Yoan Molinero-Gerbeau

Coming Out of the Shadows? Housing Conditions of Irregular Migrant Workers in Spanish Agricultural Enclaves
Ana López-Sala, Yoan Molinero-Gerbeau

Migration in Transit: A Challenging Concept for Public and Social Policy
Iker Barbero, Cristina Blanco

“A Life on Standby”. The Effects of Irregular Status and the Pursuit of Regularity on the Quality of Life of Unaccompanied Minors in Spain
Zakaria Sajir, Rafael Ruiz Andrés, Yoan Molinero-Gerbeau

Migrant Street Vendors in Italy: A History of Irregularized Labour and People
Marianna Ragone, Gennaro Avallone