Sociologie Românească, Vol. VI, no. 2/2008, pp. 81-99.




Sociologie şi mediu înconjurător. Perspective integrative

Sociology and environment. Integrative perspectives

Laura Nistor*


*Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca


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Abstract: This paper aims to present some perspectives concerning the integration of the environment into the study objects of sociology. First and foremost, the statute and evolution of the field of environmental sociology are outlined. This field of knowledge has appeared during the 70s in the USA, later in Western Europe, and till now is weakly represented in Romania; however some processes and phenomena which are situated at the edge of the social and the environmental (e.g. climate change, sustainable development) would call for such integrative perspectives. The article brings a number of arguments concerning the pluri-, inter- and transdisciplinary patterns of socio-environmental approaches, respectively insists on the need to create more inclusive disciplinary frameworks, both concerning the social and the environmental sciences.